Loiri, 1986.

In a little village of Gallura, only 1,857 inhabitants, Lucianu Family’s dream was born. Nostasio and his sons, Stefano, Antonello and Gianluca share and grow the same deep passion for the transport world. In order to start turning that passion in what would have become Gruppo Lucianu, a little truck and a little office made from the family house are enough.

I primi anni sono, ovviamente, caratterizzati da enormi sacrifici, ma le fatiche dell’esordio appaiono di poco conto se paragonate ad un fatto che segna tragicamente la loro esistenza: la perdita prematura di Gianluca, il più piccolo dei fratelli. È il 1995.

That devastating pain is so strong that, at first, it undermines the will to go ahead with the project. Fortunately, however, from that same pain arises the desire not to give in and to continue building the dream.

Thus, Stefano and Antonello create one of the most important national transport companies.