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Refrigerated transport

From -30° C to 30° C in accordance with ATP regulations with approved thermo-recorders

Our company's fleet is equipped with insulated, isothermal and refrigerator vans that allow us to carry full loads at a controlled temperature.

Our 13.60 m vehicles, with a load capacity of 32-33 pallets, are equipped with Thermoking SLS400E and Carrier Maxima 1300 diesel/electric motors able to control temperatures from -30° C to 30° C, conforming to the ATP regulation and with approved thermo-recorders. From -30° C to 30° C in accordance with ATP regulations with approved thermo-recorders.

Special latest generation "bulkheads" enable us to carry the goods at different temperatures with the same load. Some vehicles are also equipped with a tail lift. The new Krone Cool Liner type semi-trailers are equipped with double loading deck.

We pride ourselves with the "express" delivery of full loads within 24 hours of loading, to and from Sardinia and the rest of the Italy.

Our vehicles transport refrigerated and frozen food, ice cream, vegetables (carrots, potatoes, artichokes), flowers, eggs, cheese, ricotta cheese, butter, chocolate and medicines.

In addition, in compliance with the new European regulations nos. 852-853-854 and 882 of 2004 (pursuant to Community Directive 43/93/EEC of 1993) and Italian Legislative Decree no. 193/07 (pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 155/97), relating to food hygiene, we apply our company's HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

Lucianu is also subject to ATP, the regulation for controlled-temperature refrigerated transport of perishable foodstuffs for human consumption.

ATP is the abbreviation of "Agreements on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and the Special Equipment to be used for these transports".

The ATP legislation is the result of a European agreement signed in 1970 by some States, such as Italy, which imposes certain rules in the construction of isothermal fittings for refrigerated vehicles for the transport of perishable food at controlled temperature, and certain requirements for the users. It became law in 1977 and, since September 1984, it was assigned to the competence of the Ministry of Transport and Navigation, which provides technical inspection audits by the Provincial Offices of the MCTC (Italian Department of Motor Vehicles) while the sanitary aspect remains the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Health, through ASL (Italian Local Health Units).

The ATP regulation specifies the types of perishable foods to be transported at controlled temperature and the temperatures at which the refrigerated transport must be carried out, these limits are in line with those set by the Ministry of Health (Italian Presidential Decree no. 327/1980 and Italian Ministerial Decree of 12/10/81).

Our advantages

A solution for every need

A modern fleet of owned vehicles, consisting of 150 road tractors (only driven by employees) and 800 trailers (semi-trailers) with different operating characteristics

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Speed and security

Punctuality, speed, reliability and safety are the key features that the market requires from us to be able to compete with others in the industry.

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Pallet recovery

You can rely on us for the management and recovery of your pallets Our specific office will take care of everything

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Insurance coverage

The goods are transported with the insurance coverage required by legislation in force (Italian Legislative Decree no. 286/2005), but on request by the customer we are able to give any kind of additional insurance (policy on behalf of the entitled party) with a leading insurance company.

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Guaranteed boarding

Agreements and cooperation with the leading shipping companies allow us to have guaranteed sailings to and from Sardinia, at any time of year.

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Integrated shipment management

We manage the transport from start to finish. We virtually carry out a door to door service, taking care of all the activities related to intermodal transport and placing ourselves as the sole operating partner for our customers.

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