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We offer a complete range of services

In Sardinia we have warehouses for any logistics activity, transit-point and storage.
The warehouses are located in Olbia, Porto Torres, Cagliari, Sarzana and Milan and are equipped with sophisticated security systems and risk insurance coverage.
In addition to warehouses, in Olbia and Cagliari we have a guarded area of 80,000 square meters for outdoor goods storage.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff we can offer the following services:

  • receiving and unloading goods (we have loading/unloading ramps, bridge cranes, cranes, forklifts)
  • accurate goods control and checking
  • placement on special shelves
  • order management
  • completion of transport documents
  • delivery and shipment to the destination customers

Our advantages

A solution for every need

A modern fleet of owned vehicles, consisting of 150 road tractors (only driven by employees) and 800 trailers (semi-trailers) with different operating characteristics

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Speed and security

Punctuality, speed, reliability and safety are the key features that the market requires from us to be able to compete with others in the industry.

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Pallet recovery

You can rely on us for the management and recovery of your pallets Our specific office will take care of everything

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Insurance coverage

The goods are transported with the insurance coverage required by legislation in force (Italian Legislative Decree no. 286/2005), but on request by the customer we are able to give any kind of additional insurance (policy on behalf of the entitled party) with a leading insurance company.

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Guaranteed boarding

Agreements and cooperation with the leading shipping companies allow us to have guaranteed sailings to and from Sardinia, at any time of year.

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Integrated shipment management

We manage the transport from start to finish. We virtually carry out a door to door service, taking care of all the activities related to intermodal transport and placing ourselves as the sole operating partner for our customers.

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