Daughter of art but without any discount. Marilisa Luciano belongs to the third generation that since 1986 carries on the colossus of the Sardinian transports. First woman in the family to join the company, gained her rise inside of it, step by step, and today it represents a successful case of generational replacement (a topic dear to her).

«Being the daughter of the boss is not easy, on the contrary. It means never being able to make mistakes and having to prove to be always up to expectations». To speak is Marilisa Luciano, Head of Development and External Relations of Lucianu Transport, parent company of the Holding LS Group that boasts a park of over 1,000 vehicles, managed today by the third generation of Lucianos: Marilisa, Fabrizio and Luca.

«It was 1986 - recalls Marilisa Luciano - when my father Stefano and his brothers took the reins of the reality that my grandfather had started, at the registry office Nostasio Lucianu because my great-grandfather recorded him at birth with the Sardinian name». However, this mistake marked the beginning of a very successful family history. «My father and uncles decided to keep the name of the company the final “u”, to remember our strong territorial imprint and our origins. I’ve seen this company built since I was a child, with commitment and sacrifice. They started with a small room in what was my grandmother’s house. A few years later they opened their first offices in my parents' house and then, with the boom of the 90s, the first lands arrived in Olbia and then the headquarters in different strategic points, both in Sardinia and in the peninsula».


Graduated in Business Administration at the University of Pisa with a thesis, needless to say, on generational turnover, Marilisa Luciano immediately put into practice the results of her studies in the family business.

Not with a few difficulties, as she tells us. «Working in the family is not always easy and often, when I was younger, I thought I couldn’t do it. I remember my father telling me: «You are and will always remain my daughter, but the company is something else». And so I stepped in, looking first to understand and learn from all our collaborators. I went through several tough times; being "the chief’s daughter" means having to deal with additional pressure, especially since my father has always been very strict. The generational change must be approached with prudence and responsibility. But the passion for this job and the sacrifices I have always seen made to everyone in the family, led me to feel the company as part of me and to commit myself even more». Yet, as a child, her dream was another. «I wanted to be a saleswoman in a clothing store, I loved fashion and I thought that would be my way. Actually, growing up, I realized I wasn’t seeing myself anywhere but here. I think it is the dream of every father, when he creates something with such commitment, that there is a continuation».

Daughter of art, but well aware that her way would be uphill. «The logistics and transport sector is not easy, even less so for us women, because stereotypes still exist, we must admit. I had someone say "what do you know about a truck". It’s true, I don’t drive trucks and I don’t know as much as a driver. But it’s not just the transportation part of this business. It also serves who organizes travel, manages relations with other companies, and often behind these tasks there is a woman. So my answer was always very straightforward. I do my job well, you do yours well and by combining our skills and competences we can really do something exceptional. It is teamwork that makes strength».


And in fact, the representation of women in Lucianu Trasporti certainly does not lack. «In addition to me, there are women in all our offices, sometimes even in majority compared to men, all of them very valuable. I think, for example, of our operations department, where we have a really good girl who, with her way of doing things, can stand up to anyone. Still, that’s a very complex department. You need to be able to give timely and precise answers to the drivers traveling and the schedules are often very long. For our part, we try to meet the needs of our employees, both mothers and fathers. When I interact with foreign companies, however, I realize that in other countries there are many more women working in this sector and I know personally some of them who have come to play leading roles. We need a cultural change also in Italy».


Change, both from a cultural point of view and from a generational point of view. This is the watchword for the future of the sector according to Marilisa Luciano. «Let us think for example of the problem of the shortage of drivers. The only way to encourage young people to rediscover the passion for this profession is to qualify it, restoring the dignity it deserves. We praise not only those who study and graduate, but also those who carry out such crucial jobs as haulage. I know perfectly well how difficult this job can be. When I saw my father leaving, I suffered a lot. My mother and I accompanied him to the port and I often wept to see him leave. He came back to us on Saturday morning and left on Sunday evening, yet I have beautiful memories of when we lived in Piombino and dad took me in a truck with him to go around the city. For me it was like a trip, I fell asleep in the bunk of the truck and before every important occasion we posed in front of his vehicle to take a picture. Today when I look at our trucks I can see everything behind us: the sacrifices, the thoughts, the worries, but also the gratifications received and the difficulties that we were able to face, finally the pandemic, It has highlighted the importance of this sector but it has been a great challenge, especially from the psychological point of view, from which we have been able to emerge victorious. The company has grown despite this difficult period and this means that we young people, after all, we know how to do something good».


Passion, perseverance and courage. These are the principles that Stefano Luciano, sole director of Lucianu Trasporti, the company in charge of the Holding LS Group, wanted to convey to his sons Marilisa, Fabrizio and Luca, today the third generation of Luciano to carry on the flagship company of the Sardinian road haulage. In thirty-six years of activity the company of Olbia - which today counts 187 direct employees - has expanded in the island and in the peninsula with three other locations, in Cagliari, Sarzana (in Liguria) and Porto Torres. All very modern. In the headquarters of Olbia the large windows overlooking the sea are not just an aesthetic treat: «We are working to make our offices and branches as environmentally friendly as possible - confirms Marilisa Luciano - Thanks to the windows and solar panels we can save energy». The attention to sustainability is in fact one of the elements that distinguishes the choices of the Luciano family. The fleet, which now counts almost 1,000 vehicles, is renewed periodically and the fleetboard installed on board each vehicle allows to monitor consumption and driving style of drivers «who can thus aim to improve and grow professionally» stresses Luciano. A recipe that seems to be winning: «Despite the difficulties that the sector is experiencing in this particular historical period, the company is constantly growing. In 2020 we have increased the percentage of goods handled and today we count about 30 thousand trips per year from and for Sardinia, in addition to the Spain-Portugal links».