I 4 giorni di LetExpo 2023

The four days of LetExpo 2023

March has catapulted us into the second edition of LetExpo, the Alis’ fair dedicated to sustainable logistics, transport and services.

Verona has welcomed our sector with the spirit of those who believe that moving Italy and its economy is essential in growth and indicator of the quality of life, characteristic of global civilization, whose sustainability represents its effectiveness in protecting the ecosystem.

Of the four days of the fair we bring home many moments of knowledge and discussion on issues that concern us directly and the expectation towards virtuous tools necessary for growth.
Focus returns on Marebonus and Ferrobonus, aimed at implementing projects in order to improve the intermodal chain that preview the realization of new marine services for the combined transport of goods and the improvement of the services on existing routes, arriving and departing from ports located in Italy.
The roads we travel every day are the most important scenario of our business and the mirror of integration between all systems. On these it is necessary to plan a future within the reach of all for the common good, for the social and economic responsibility towards the country.

Similarly, the presence of many young people and numerous initiatives aimed at training, gives us hope for a new and regenerated culture of transport and logistics, which can attract the hopes of tomorrow’s workers.